I’ve been using LiberaPay. On their blog, the K-9Mail dev mentioned FundOSS.

Are there any others? Any that should be avoided?

    • Sonalder
      32 years ago

      Intersting project indeed. Might be nice to have a complete list somewhere so you can simply scroll through it, organized by categories.

      I’ve opened an issue on LibreTube a Piped YouTube client for Android (in beta) for them to accept XMR, they embrasse the idea and added XMR donations in the minute… litteraly, you might want to add them when you have time to do so.

      Also, having a QR on your website is not ideal IMO, what if you or someone else hijack the Monero adress and steal the donations ? I don’t want to check everytime, you should think about a better solution, maybe simply add the URL to their XMR donation link page/anchor ^^

      Nice project will keep an eye on it ;)