These people keep bringing up “mArKeT sHaRE”

  1. Linux is free. How would it get market share?
  2. It’s quite difficult to get an accurate “market share” since user-agents can be faked.

EDIT: I wonder if Microsoft are making anti-Linux accounts to try and hamper Linux.

    62 years ago

    The comments don’t seem anti-Linux.

    Top commenter says they don’t know the commanads. Fair enough for a gaming sub - setting up gaming stuff like Wine can be a headache.

    Second comment says Linux is great, but they dual-boot for games. Also fair enough - Windows is the best OS for gaming. Maybe Linux is second best, which isn’t bad, but it’s not number 1.

    All throughout, lots of dual-booters there. I don’t know what the issue is - gaming sub’s gonna use Windows.