For me, it was the toxic circlejerk (admins/mods as well) low quality content getting upvoted while high quality submissions not getting much attention/buried and obvious privacy issues.

  • Ravn
    3 years ago

    US centrism. I tried to unsub from the worst offending communities, but I still am unable to scroll down a page without seeing something obviously only relevant to the US or tainted by yankee culture. posts and comments assume everyone is USian and anyone who isn’t is treated like a foreigner.

    It made my mood worse, affecting my daily life. So I cut down, and now I barely go there at all.

      23 years ago

      I hate this so much. To be honest, Lemmy also has this problem to a lesser degree, but I hope that it will get better once we add improved support for other languages, and once other instances start to grow.

    • Dessalines
      13 years ago

      That’s the main thing for me. The biggest subs are completely US-centric and espouse a US-centered worldview. And of course new reddit is unbearable to use. I’m convinced the only thing holding up reddit is the ecosystem of great mobile apps, none of which are made by reddit the company.

      The only genuinely good content is on niche communities, which could easily be moved anywhere like here.