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You can pin the tabs you want to stay open on Firefox. You can also group tabs.

I have subscribed to !asklemmy and it showed up on my feed as I sort by ‘new’. No need to cry.

Q. What do you call someone who doesn’t agree with your stupid opinion?

A. Pseudo intellectual, xenophobe and racist troll

In our region “home-grown” usually means ‘pesticide-free’ and ‘tastier’.

My biggest pet peeve is when someone spells though as tho.

Seems like Open Source is being invaded by these spambots…

How do I report this spambot? I’m on mobile.

What a misleading caption. You’re safe as long as you’re not installing random APK files from shady sites.

Libreddit sounds interesting although I’ve already quit Reddit.

If you need Instacrap in order to stay updated on your friends / family while sharing minimal data with Zuckerbot™, you can use Barinsta.

Maybe the algorithm hates you and deems you unsuitable for the hive mind.

What made you quit Reddit and move to Lemmy?
For me, it was the toxic circlejerk (admins/mods as well) low quality content getting upvoted while high quality submissions not getting much attention/buried and obvious privacy issues.