Greetings, I always had a problem with a site called reddit,yes lemmy is not reddit,and yesterday I have been permanently banned from it.Mostly there are two reasons: anti-migrant statements, and speaking against LGBTQ .I don’t want to do self-censorship.So is this site for me or should I find another one ?

  • Seanchaí (she/her)
    42 years ago

    If no one cared then there wouldn’t be so many creepy little twerps like you defending bigotry online.

    It’s also supremely ignorant to act like queer rights are just about who you fuck. Sorry trans people, you’re allowed to be who you are in your bedroom, but don’t you dare go into public like that. Gay marriage? Only if you want to get married in your bedroom secretly.

    Get the right the fuck out of here with your bullshit

      2 years ago

      Who is defending bigotry here? It was you who said that “Your different ideas shouldn’t be accepted anywhere”, which is clearly an ignorant, bigoted statement. Yet you somehow feel attacked by me? It doesnt make any sense.

      Why are you switching the topic to gay marriage all of a sudden? Just before you mentioned that “they shouldnt exist”, implying things like murder or genocide. But no one is even considering that, only your paranoia. Just stop acting like a victim for no reason. I really and honestly dont care what your sexuality or gender is, so I hope you can stop distracting from the original discussion.