How do I get the package to the computer and how to install with apt?

    1 year ago

    In some places, such as Cuba, people make their own Debian mirrors.

    General guide is in and there are more instructions in the general script used.

    Then you can point your /etc/apt/sources.list to it.

    Another option, suggested in other comments, is downloading *.deb files manually for each package and dependency and performing an installation with dpkg -i package.deb.

    In a more specific approach, you have

    Do you remember when you install a new Debian system and you can get packages from the CD ROM or USB stick? Debian can point to a repository in physical media, including a directory.

    Generally, you can sync a hard drive with it outside with one of the tools available for this in this last wiki page, attach it to your puter when you arrive at home and party.