• If you restrict neonazism to literal imitation of Hitler and murdering Jews in gas chambers then it wouldn’t be. But it’s undoubtedly fascist regime akin to Pinochet junta, only less literally militaristic (giving them benefit of doubt even though war rages on for 8 years, although i have doubt how much exactly Ukraine government have control over the army now). What make them specifically neonazi is the offcial banderist worship and very strong presence of literal hitlerites in the army.

    Anyway that point isn’t especially important, it’s mostly to point out the astounding hypocrisy of the west, especially western “leftists”. UA regime would be equally awful even ignoring it. If anything i prefer open neonazis that the socialfascist scum pretending to be leftists.

    But saying that Ukraine is a neonazi regime is plainly false, and putinian propaganda

    No it isn’t, even western media widely reported the spread of neonazism and the banderist worship. Hell, even UA is proud of the last thing and not very secretive about the first.

    Putin being himself very nazi-friendly

    I don’t see Russia building Vlasov and Kaminski statues.