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New Added new service: Bandcamp #3741 Many thanks to @fynngodau! Improved Added setting to match device's theme (dark & black) #3632 Show improved error panel instead of annoying snackb...
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I’m torn on the Bandcamp inclusion, I like buying music there and they limit how many times you can listen to a release before buying; hopefully this doesn’t incentivise a drop in purchases but rather an increase in mindshare/availability.

I agree, I also like buying music there and like the fact that bandcamp provide a full preview feature.

I just tried the newpipe bandcamp inclusion and I couldn’t find a “buy” button that would redirect to the bandcamp buying page, only a download button. Therefore, I don’t think it will really encourage to buy music on bandcamp 😐

I would prefer the music to be (legally) made available for everyone without DRMs and have a new funding model for the art industry, of course. But for now the best available system is platforms with no DRM like bandcamp and I have mixed feelings about adding the bandcamp feature without providing a button to buy the music you listen.

Well, I wouldn’t worry about the buy button, there is not even an artist or album page so far, everything is very new, so once that is added they will probably add that.

Yeah I agree, bandcamp is one of the few good places to buy music and it feels kind of shitty to abuse it. Maybe that’s just internalized consumerism speaking though.

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