tl;dr: Intel and AMD are not selling their processors to Russia, and processors from Russian companies cannot be manufactured as Taiwan is banning TSMC from doing so, while Russia can only produce chips up to a 90 nm process.

      02 years ago

      Lol, you’re right. This news is terribly irrelevant for an article published last week. Why even write it? Western nations have been suffering from a chip shortage for over a year and are rushing to establish domestic production. This feels like more displacement. Taiwan is the most advanced manufacturer of transistors, but China proper is the second most advanced manufacturer; considering Taiwan is recognized as a province of China and the separatist lost the recent elections, the west is in serious trouble rather than Russia. Russia never de-industrialized, and the core of Russia’s industrial base is under central control; while the US has de-industrialized, and it’s only means of central control is bribing it’s capitalist base, which is more interested in banking fraud than production.