Sunday IT Wire counted up the number of signatories on two open letters, one opposing Richard Stallman's return to the FSF and one supporting it. - The pro-Stallman letter had 3,632 individual signers - The anti-Stallman letter had 2,812 individual signers (plus 48 companies and organizations). ...
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One can speak whatever the hell they want as long as it is not racist, xenophobic or provoking crime

But misogyny is where you draw the line?

Actually, misandry too. Meanwhile add reverse racism and argument deflection to things that should be condemned.
2 urte

Oh come on, nice work twisting the words in their mouth.

Also I’m curious where Stallman has been openly misogynistic, as opposed to just socially clueless.

02 urte

Not twisting anything, just pointing out the hypocrisy in the quoted text.

Also I’m at work, so I won’t dig in his past behavior on the internet for you now, but I am not the only one mentioning this stuff, which also had a part on RMS’s resign years ago, so there is little reason to still bring his misogyny into question today on 2021. Guy’s a boomer with some outdated boomer views, but being a boomer doesn’t excuse him for not updating his views.

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