Inspired by Minecraft and Infiniminer, the open source and highly moddable voxel game engine Minetest has a new release available now.

Its a pretty good minecraft replacement. The LotR mod is pretty amazing, along with mineclone2, and they have some automation mods as well.
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I heard of Minetest a while back, it looked pretty alpha. Looking at it now it looks really good, I’ll have to try it. I’d love a game that can recreate the Minecraft experience but be FOSS. If it’s a pretty similar clone of Minecraft, I’d be happy.

Edit: Hmm, it is definitely missing a lot compared to Minecraft, as a game on it’s own it seems like it’d be great. But I cannot help but compare it to Minecraft and unfortunately it just does not seem to be there yet. Animations are not similar, it’s missing a ton of the content Minecraft currently has. It feels like an early version of Minecraft, which is understandable but I don’t know if I can ever say I’d play this when Minecraft exists. Which is a shame because I want to like it, but eh. It needs work.
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As others have pointed out, Minetest itself is basically just an engine. To have actual fun, you need to download a “game” for Minetest. There was a big debate on the Minetest forum some time ago, discussing whether Minetest should come with a game preinstalled or not. Reason being, new players are usually not aware of game modules and default Minetest - let’s be honest - is kind of boring and tends to drive them away. Personally, I feel like this is still a problem. But anyway.

Give Lord of the Test a shot. I’ve had reasonable amounts of fun with it. It’s not Minecraft, but rather its own thing. I rather liked it.

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