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It sickens me how normies and even very skilled and knowledgeable people in the tech community can just so actively not care and actively hand over their entire life and information. Yet when something happens that affects them directly, they all of a sudden care, for maybe a month then they just forget about it. Such a shame.

This is absolutely amazing to see. At the same time, an absolute shame we even need such a thing.

**Headers:** - 1. Protonmail Behaves like a CIA/NSA “Honeypot” - 2. Protonmail Does Not Provide “End to End Encryption” - 3. Protonmail’s Was Created Under CIA/NSA Oversight - 4. Protonmail is Part Owned by CRV and the Swiss Government - 5. CRV, In-Q-Tel & the CIA - 6. Protonmail Follows CIA Email format & Metadata Requirements - 7. Swiss MLAT Law Could Give the NSA Full Access - 8. Protonmail Uses Radware for DNS/DDOS Protection - 9. Protonmail Developers Do Not Use Protonmail - 10. Protonmail engages in illegal cyberwarfare - 11. Protonmail has a history of Dishonesty.

I heard of Minetest a while back, it looked pretty alpha. Looking at it now it looks really good, I’ll have to try it. I’d love a game that can recreate the Minecraft experience but be FOSS. If it’s a pretty similar clone of Minecraft, I’d be happy.

Edit: Hmm, it is definitely missing a lot compared to Minecraft, as a game on it’s own it seems like it’d be great. But I cannot help but compare it to Minecraft and unfortunately it just does not seem to be there yet. Animations are not similar, it’s missing a ton of the content Minecraft currently has. It feels like an early version of Minecraft, which is understandable but I don’t know if I can ever say I’d play this when Minecraft exists. Which is a shame because I want to like it, but eh. It needs work.

I was considering self-hosting my own SearX instance for personal use. Not going to lie though, I really do enjoy the aesthetic customization of the JS ver of DDG, which SearX seems to lack. But I could be wrong and just haven’t toyed enough with it? As far as results, I can’t say how different they are to DDG. I probably will switch to SearX for a little and see how I like. Can anyone comment on the aesthetic customization part though?