I did a quick Lemmy search and didn’t find much. Are there any suggested domain registrars that aren’t evil? I’m mostly looking for domain name and not hosting right now but won’t exclude them. This would be my first domain so I’m new.

I saw njalla, banhof, and 1984 web hosting. Are these good, or any other suggestions?

Edit: DDNS would be a plus

  • Evan
    62 years ago

    Not been able to find a good registrar. Gandi is a fake shithole, all the other ones too. I decided if I couldn’t get ethical domains I would just get cheap ones, so cloudflare.

    Stay tuned for names.sr.ht, they will charge 20$ a year to allow you to register unlimited domains with zero markup, and profit sustainably without data collection from that tiny subscription fee (plus tons of DevOps). They are waving the 20$ a year for people who can’t afford it without any questions, and the platform is open source.

    NOTE: names.sr.ht has nothing, go directly to sr.ht to learn more about the platform

    Re ethical hosting:

    I’m impartial to uberspace, so many pluses!

    • green energy
    • German
    • indie (some pages are roughly translated for ultimate homelyness!)
    • Pay what you can afford
    • Friendly to beginners, support staff doubles as sysadmins who do everything in their power to help you.

    ♥️ (Not sponsored, I hope it becomes obvious these are good services when you visit their respective homepages)

  • @nasp@lemmy.ml
    12 years ago

    Easydns are respected in the industry.

    They also have a pro freedom CEO, and used to send out news letters covering intl privacy issues in tech.

    • GrittyOP
      12 years ago

      I just mean they are trustworthy with my info and aren’t difficult to deal with