Is this configuration what I’m looking for?

set pop_host = pops://
set mbox_type=Maildir
set folder = "$XDG_CACHE_HOME"/mail  # default mailbox location
set spoolfile = +/  # unread or inbox
set mbox = +read
set record = +sent
set postponed = +drafts
set include  # a copy of the message you are replying

Are those folders created automatically or do they need to exist?

And what happens if I use this?

set pop_authenticators = "digest-md5"

Inspired by ask1234560/dotfiles_bspwm, rgaiacs/dotfiles, man page.

I’ve just learned about Mutt Wizard. Should I use that?
8 hilabete

pop doesn’t support folders, just an inbox. it’s old and basic

mutt-wizard is quick and very clever and will probably give you a working config, but it can contain a lot of detail that you might not need or understand

oh, local folders. if you try to save to them, I think they should be created

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