"However, we will also be moving to a new business model to ensure the continuity and sustainability of October CMS. October CMS will become a proprietary product and the licensing model is to be changed. Under these changes, October CMS will no longer be a free platform.

We believe that these changes are necessary in the interests of providing the timely and effective support expected of our professional users."

112 urte

All the developers that contributed to an MIT-licensed project and have no recourse 🤡🤡🤡🤡

102 urte

People complain when I tell them I’m not a huge fan of the MIT license. This is why. Its not that I don’t like MIT licensed software, but it makes it easy for stuff like this to happen.

42 urte

Interesting change. Not that I personally use OctoberCMS, but I’ve followed it and I’m pretty curious how this change turns out.

I’m more of a https://cakephp.org/ guy myself, even though I currently have no project with it.

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