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Gedit, the GTK text editor that was first released 23 years ago, has been replaced in the newest version of GNOME; dropped for the new Libadwiata ‘Gnome Text Editor’. And, while Gedit is often made the butt of the joke by Vim and Emacs users, it is more alike then you’d think. Gedit is an amazing, extensible text editor that is packed full of features. So, I’ve been giving it a try. And I’m going to explain what makes Gedit so good, with the hope that maybe you’ll take it more seriously.
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The new GNOME text editor is cool but lacks many features I need

My trial of it went like this:
> Upgraded to Fedora 36
> “wow new text editor?”
> See it lacks features like extensions, also the option to use tabs instead of spaces doesn’t seem to work
> Uninstall it and install gedit…

I hope the new editor catches up to gedit ASAP, because I like it aesthetically
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I love Gedit. I’m not dropping it.
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Just a nitpick, traversal in vim is fast because of its modal nature rather than because of keyboard shortcuts.
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I do agree that that’s the main reason that traversing Vim is fast. But, if you’re a power user, using Vim feels so fast and great because you can do almost anything with 1-2 keystrokes. And that same ability to do anything that you would ever need with a single keyboard shortcut, even if the shortcuts are slightly worse, is still there in Gedit.

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