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I tried MATE but liked XFCE better. Also it looks like XFCE is beibg developws more actively.

I’m not a communist. Hello there!

Blockchain is a really cool technology that helps to solve some problems. But it has been hyped up beyond it’s real usefullness.

Hopefully we won’t need a community for it :)

Don’t use Micrısoft’s github. There are much better alternatives. I’m on Codeberg.

If Netflit wants to commit suicide, I say we let them.

I’ll continue to pirate as I have been doing in the past.

I just migrated myself and family from gmail/google-calendar to proton. Now I wish I had done Tutanota instead. But too tired to do another migration just now. Anyway Proton is an improvement over Google.

This can’t be GDPR compliant.

Also I doubt they can do this with https traffic.

I love Gedit. I’m not dropping it.

I don’t want the “modern” look. I use XFCE because I want the gnome2 look’

From what I understand Nvidia requires drivers to be cryptographically signed to do anything non-trivial. This is pure evil.

interesting: the largest instance (by far) does not federate.

Samsung plans to raise chip prices by 20%
A lot of things are about to get more expensive.

He thinks that there are more fake users in twitter than twitter admits. He's probably not wrong.

Looks like Elon wants to sack the current management.

"Cameras, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth are operational – maybe China’s wider tech independence plan is, too"

Looks like EU will force Apple to allow competition in the browser space.

Really great progress, especially because getting a flatpak means a one-click install on the Steam Deck.