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This is the article in case you can’t go pass the paywall.

A startup has developed a solid-state battery suitable for electric cars that can fully charge in minutes and lasts more than twice as long as current EV batteries.

After successfully demonstrating a coin-cell prototype with charge rates of three minutes and over 10,000 cycles in a lifetime, Harvard University spin-off Adden Energy recieved $5.15 million in funding to further advance the technology, with the aim of commercialising it in the near future.

Rapid development of clean energy storage technology is critical to combating the “plague” of climate change, according to the startup.

In order to facilitate this adoption, Adden Energy CEO William Fitzhugh hopes to appeal to the 37 per cent of Americans who do not have garages at home, and therefore no access to at-home overnight charging for electric vehicles.

“Complete electrification of the vehicle fleet is one of the most meaningful steps we can take to fight climate change,” said Fitzhugh.

“However, broad adoption of electric vehicles requires batteries that can meet a diverse set of consumer needs... EVs need to recharge at comparable times to internal combustion vehicles, essentially in the time you’d currently spend at the gas pump.”

Estimates suggest that electrification of the world’s vehicle fleet could alone cut global greenhouse gas emissions by 16 per cent, with this “new battery paradigm” seen as essential to achieving this goal.

“Electric vehicles cannot remain a luxury fashion, literally the ‘one percent’ of vehicles on the road, if we are to make progress toward a clean energy future, and the US won’t have a used-car market if EV batteries last only 3 to 5 years,” said Xin Li, an associate professor of materials science at Harvard and a scientific advisor to Adden Energy.

"The technology needs to be accessible to everyone... We don’t see any fundamental limit to scaling up our battery technology. That could be a game changer."

They probably do it to prevents spam/abuse. It is supposed to be a better WhatsApp after all, not a completely federated software. So it gotta be somewhat user friendly.

Good news, time to have some universal standard for chargers.

Agreed, having discussion is what makes reddit and lemmy unique. Libreddit, while the interface is clean, is more like a reddit-powered rss feed.

In addition to this, all sorts of group chats, message boards, forums, etc, have now been locked behind this wall. Projects and communities that used to have an IRC or a forum are now almost exclusively located on Discord. It’s like Facebook in this way.

I agree. Even though Discord’s privacy policy is nowhere near as bad as Facebook. But the fact that everything has moved to Discord thus creating a monopoly for business communication is very bad. I hope there are some viable and ethical competitions.

Doing registration form with manual approval is a good first step. My 2 cents is you could also implementing an invite based registration where users are allowed to invite their trusted friends.

Similar to how reputable private trackers works. There is form registration, interview, or invite from existing members. If existing member invites too many leechers, the current member will get a warning and ban eventually. This system is mostly working for private trackers so far.

It starts as an alternative to Mumble for gamers to communicate. I can see it is easier to setup compare to Mumble and free. It is very optimized despite using Electron. Feature wise, it is also very complete and customizable.

It eventually grew to what it is today.

Maybe we would need marketing campaign and make it appeal to the general audience to have fast expansion. But I am not sure we are ready at the moment.

It’s really hard to get people actually sign up and stay on it because it’s always a bit of a vicious cycle. People are hesitant to switch because there isn’t much content, then they keep using old platform. Take example with Signal. Feature wise, it is on par with WhatsApp. But when I try to convince people to use it, they always go back to WhatsApp because they already have all their contacts and conversation.