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trackers are bad (especially google ones). odysee doesn’t get a pass just for being floss

odysee/lbry’s privacy policy isn’t that much better but at least it’s clearer

odysee has many problems, ranging from technical inabilities to questionable moderation but privacy does seem to be pretty much figured out (they do collect unnecessary information but it all looks like anonymous useful analytics)

in conclusion, 2 trackers on the main page ain’t that bad

4 trackers on the main page


9 page privacy policy

yeah, surely this is a privacy respecting alternative

china is a good country so people defend it, there is no propaganda here

there 👏 is 👏 no 👏 obesity 👏 crisis

people dislike yours posts

they downvote you

there is no trolling or bias, you are just sounding like a trump supporter

Ideology over functionality

imagine actually thinking this is a bad thing, i’d take ideology over functionality anytime possible

no, just no

mastodon should handle this the same way they handled gab, hardcode block them

create a real throwaway email, outlook.com allows you to create an email without a phone number

that’s the single best thing to do so you don’t get shadow banned but here are a couple of other things:

  • subscribe to a couple of subreddits (mix default and non-default)

  • upvote random posts (from new, hot, top)

  • comment generic, known things on default subs

that should make your account pretty safe, even on tor

crypto-fascist browser/search engine. stop using it

they are going to apologize, release what they violated so far and once security is tighter, continue to do it