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Bro I agree this is horrible.This is the worst prank

Hopefully this is the next best messenger.I would love to use this.The only worry I have is where they say it will leak as LITTLE metadata as possible.Does that still mean that metadata will get leaked?

Who knows but you can subscribe to their newsletter for updates and such about it.(its not out yet)

I would want a decentralized chat with e2e enceyption,has voice chat and video chat,supports 2FA,and uses Tor just like Briar

Can you have a carrier on GrapheneOS?
Lets say you just installed GrapheneOS on your Pixel Phone.Can you still use a carrier?

I honestly want to stick with Briar since it doesnt require personal info and uses Tor.The only reason why I am hesitant is because it lacks certain features like being accesible to desktop(macOS,Windows,Linux)and IOS.I also hope they add audio and video chat,and also 2FA.If these features are added im pretty sure ill stick with Briar

Thanks for the info.I was thinking of using signal with a MySudo number but why would Signal require a phone number if it is supposed to be private.

Private messenger
I recently made a post talking about how im using briar but wanted ppl to recommend other apps but this article talks about some problems of those apps https://serpentsec.1337.cx/secure-messaging-choosing-a-chat-app

Yea but it leaks metadata

Private Messenger
Recently I have been looking for a pretty simple privacy friendly messaging app.I tried element but I dont like the way it works and how it leaks metadata so im using briar currently. Im planning to switch to signal once i have a phone number but currently i dont.Any tips?

For me it was the fact that reddit was propietary and not privacy friendly and I found the lemmy app on fdroid and did research deciding to use it. My only problem for privacy friendly messaging apps or any apps is that sometimes the whole community is just pure privacy and you cant find chill groups or communities where people talk about anything(like element which caused me to switch to Tox which is much simpler to use)but lemmy actually has communities like memes and such that arent all about privacy