This is an ambitious goal. It is going to introduce a lot of plain folk to Linux.

  • erpicht
    3 years ago

    "To teach those ordinary people to work together to build, release, and maintain a new distribution of Linux"

    Hey, that actually sounds like a fun project for a group of people looking to learn about all the components that make up a distribution. That sounds doable with a dedicated set of learners.

    "To teach those ordinary people to work together to build, release, and maintain a new Kernel to replace the Linux Kernel"

    Why is the kernel an issue? Also, why start with the kernel, opposed to the other parts of the OS? Is this meant to be a serious attempt to replace Linux with a usable kernel?

    "The goal is a new operating system that is created, owned, and controlled by ordinary folk who have taken their Digital Freedom into their own hands. An operating system that will run our computers, phones, cars, robots, etc tomorrow. An operating system the reflects the value of ordinary Americans."

    Why not help out on an exisiting operating system, like all the FOSS ones run by volunteers? This is exactly how GNU+Linux, the BSDs, FreeDOS, ReactOS, etc. came to be. This would be a great opportunity for ordinary people to provide small fixes or port programs. Bolster available software on an operating system like Genode this way! Or even revive / modernize something like Plan9. These projects would be far less ambitious, and be far easier to bring to the stage of ready for use by ordinary folk.

    Or if they mean only replacing the Linux kernel and leaving the GNU part intact, why specifically only the kernel? If they want a microkernel, those exist, and if they want something non-monolithic, it seems destined to fail or be insecure, considering GNU Hurd’s progress at a better Linux replacement.

    I don’t mean to rain on their parade, but this aims itself at teaching ordinary people to do this. It’s difficult enough to get ordinary people to even use GNU+Linux when all they must do is install and merely learn to use it.

    • @Demur@lemmy.mlOP
      53 years ago

      Wow what a thoughtful response. Thank you.

      I take the view that when a person joins any community, nobody (including themselves) know the ultimate contribution they will make to that community.

      This group is bringing a lot of people to the Linux and FOSS community that would not otherwise have joined. As they discover what it has to offer, they will discover ways to help.

      BTW if you check out their group chat on Telegram, they spend most of their time pointing people to a wide variety of FOSS projects.

      I think the community will be better for their efforts then not.

      • erpicht
        63 years ago

        Bringing people to the FOSS community and Linux is a boon, certainly! I’m mighty glad efforts are being put forth to promote Free Software, and the community will of course benefit from an influx of users and potential contributers.

        Even getting entrenched Windows users to switch to (a) FOSS program(s) is a win, albeit a lesser one, in my book.

        My criticism of the “let’s write a new kernel” project stems from mine own efforts to reach a competency level such that I may contribute to FOSS projects I enjoy. Despite recently pursuing some computer science courses in addition to my degree (physics), I can tell I’m still a long way off from being able to make meaningful code contributions / fixes. There is a lot to learn. Maybe some with lots of spunk will make that journey though.

        I’ll consider dropping by the Telegram group to see what it’s like.