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This dude should be very worried about moderation, because the user of forum like that might not be healthy.

These three should be worked for Federation. Even though they have incompatible features, they work on the same systems and this would be precious!

The crows and the food available made in the day.

An account is not even needed to use Mumble, so fuck off the email thing

XMPP is always the answer, stable, easy to host, many clients and you can stick with some non-paid servers if you need.

Kind of, it is hosted by a company and many users of Lemmy still here while many instances were made, including me of course.

The Ubuntu Lomiri Remix is not available for x86?

Their content is good, but they disrespect the Federation for a bad excuse.

Of course cis men are a threat, they can’t control their rape impulses.

Mobilizon works on ActivityPub and works for events. And Friendica maybe have a event planning function as well for being like facebook.

Twitter is in a really bad position here, but this doesn’t mean Fediverse’s softwares won’t receive the same fall for making the same mistakes.

The one alternative should be Lemmy in the Future. People on reddit used it to publish many pictures, then reddit solved it poorly.

So I can’t run a server with it, why I can’t use the same programs of Linux, why it depends on Google Services while other OSes don’t?

Conversations is a great XMPP client, most android clients are based on Conversations.

This isn’t Linux, this’ an Android flavor!

I agree with you, the Lemmy devs should block BBC web addresses for spreading misinformation about China and the list goes on.