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My immediate suspicion when reading the title was that this would be a temporary effect, with the fungi providing a buffer by storing the mercury but eventually releasing the more toxic organic forms. But it turns out that they do transform the organic mercury form (at least methyl mercury) into the less toxic and volatile elemental mercury!

I had not learned about the mercury demethylation pathways before, and as far as I can tell (2021 review) the research on it is still relatively new, with many unknowns. Very cool stuff, thanks for sharing.

So, you experienced it during the first videos you watched but developed a tolerance as you kept watching them?

Interesting! Flakey pastry sounds do nothing for me, but they are indeed very characteristic.

I sleep like a baby during thunderstorms, they are very relaxing.

Interesting! Can you do that on purpose, or it happens when you contract the muscles in just the right way by accident?

Have you experienced ASMR?
'[ASMR](' - or 'Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response' exploded in popularity a few years ago as the ASMR youtube channels emerged. The YouTube videos do not trigger ASMR for me, unfortunately. However, it did bring the term to my attention, and when I read the wikipedia page something clicked - I finally had a term for a very strange sensation that I was never able to explain to others. For me, this ASMR response is not something that I can reproduce on purpose. But the times that it happens it usually occurs when someone else asks me something. For example, during middleschool I remember that sometimes a friend would stand next to me and ask me for a pencil. As I would retrieve the pencil, I would get into this dissociated-like state that was very peaceful and tingly, and I would not want it to stop. I would be very slow in retrieving the pencil and pretending I was still looking for it - and then I would ask some question to try to make the interaction longer because it felt so interesting. It still happens some times but is rare, and it occurs when I am busy in the office or the lab and someone comes and asks me something or for something while I am paying attention to something else. It is a very pleasurable state that is also very fragile - as if someone managed to scratch the perfect itchy spot in my brain for a moment. It is odd, and I think it fits the definition of ASMR perfectly. The only other way that I feel a similar effect but not as strong effect is when am getting a haircut the hairdraisser is cutting the hair in the back of my neck with the tiny trimmer. I am curious about other people's experience with this phenomenon, because I have not found many people that can relate to my experience. Have you felt this? Do you know what your triggers are? Do the YouTube videos do it for you?

Very cool. I understand part of it, but I will have to do some work to really get it.

Nature Communications has a transparent peer review process, and there was a nice discussion between authors and reviewers while trying to get this published - which is worth looking at if you are interested in the divided opinion during the peer-review process that the article mentions.

Paper (open access):

Peer-review file:

No. Many users never interact after approval, even if I approve right away.

I had issues while trying to setup the e-mail notifications and never got back to it, so new users won’t get notified when I do approve them. It is possible that some of them never return to check - that is one of my guesses. Is your instance configured to send the e-mail notification?

I am thinking about those explanatory videos where they ask you to pause the video and try to find the answer yourself before continuing. I always pause and try - it is fun. But sometimes after several unsuccessful attempts I get frustrated and I just skip to the answer so that I can move on. It would be great to have this option with other things in life… I enjoy the process of learning via trial and error, but having an AGI next to me so that I can cheat a little bit from time to time would be great.

Just read some of the discussion over why this project was stopped.

the concerns of its usage by trolls has been far greater amongst the community.

It pains me, because at some level, I think it’s a useful and missing function, however it’s antithetical the values of the fediverse.

I am probably being dull, but I don’t get it. Why is having a search engine to search over the fediverse a bad thing? Why does that help trolls? And how is this antithetical to the values of the fediverse?

This finding implies that the female beauty premium observed when education is in-person is likely to be chiefly a consequence of discrimination. On the contrary, for male students, there was still a significant beauty premium even after the introduction of online teaching. The latter finding suggests that for males in particular, beauty can be a productivity-enhancing attribute.

The conclusion that they are drawing here is much, much stronger than what I think is reasonable to conclude from their methods and data. I do not agree that the results imply this - which gives me the impression that the ‘imply’ here means that the data conforms to their pre-conceived hypothesis. A hypothesis that might be slightly tainted by their unconscious sexist bias.

But if he doesn’t even try to lie about this, the situation is extra hopeless.

I don’t know if this mindset will hold true with the new owner of Twitter though. I would assume Elon will do far worse things with the data.

I don’t know much about Elon Musk. But he strikes me as someone who would want to extract as much value as possible from data, and not as someone who thinks user privacy is something important to protect. Is this a topic that he has publicly spoken about?

Avogadro 2 still has a long way to go. Too bad the original stopped being supported. Thank you for your contribution!

Cool work! I met one of the authors, he used to come to our lab to do time-resolved absorption measurements until recently!

By the way, I meant is as in, it is more important to focus on getting the ‘form’ right rather than prioritizing carrying heavier weights or pushing the limits of the body to try to progress faster. Safety comes first!

I was not under the impression that this was a common view. For example, in films and media that depict school shootings, the shooters are usually depicted as regular kids that get pushed to the limit by bullying and abuse. Besides gun control, mental health is often the focus when speaking about school shooters, but it is more about basic and more general aspects of mental health rather than the “psychosis and other serious psychiatric illness” mentioned by the article. I also see this in the news when discussing this type of event - the emphasis is rarely on the shooter’s severe mental illness, but rather on how they were (mis)treated, abuse that they might have faced, other life history, and less severe metal traits such as narcisim and suggestibility.

Also, according to the article about 20% of school mass-murders with firearms and 32% of those without firearms were perpetrated by people with severe mental illness, so severe mental illness is responsible for a good amount of these.

How have you optimized your Pi-hole?
A few months ago I set up a Pi-hole at home. I tried to create a decent blacklist by first adding some regexes I found online and then doing some manual optimization by finding ads and blocking the ad requester through the queries page. But in the end it did not work so well. I still get a lot of YouTube ads, for example. So I still rely on uBlock for my ad-blocking. I just read that Chrome is planning to start weakening ad blocker plugins. I use Firefox, but it is still worrying that the space could potentially keep moving in this direction over time. So I am now more invested in learning how to have more control over my ad-blocking. Has any of you managed to optimize your Pi-hole to the point that it is possible to browse the internet without an ad-blocker? If so, how did you do it? Are there other good ad-blocking alternatives?


Have you had success correcting your bad posture?
I slouch a lot, so my shoulders are a bit rounded at my neutral posture. I have tried to get into the habit of doing wall glides, stretching my chest, doing back exercises, and sitting properly. But after quite a few years of testing strategies, tools, and trying to build consistent habits, I usually manage to get two or three weeks of good progress but then fall back to the usual bad habits and my posture does not really improve. Do any of you have any success stories about correcting your bad posture? I would like to learn from your success!

Is there a simple way to remove a banned user's profile description?
A user was created in my instance to spam phishing links to some google sites that look like bank login sites and crypto wallets. I banned the user and removed their content, but the links were also added to the description in their profile page, and they still live there. Is there a way to delete the description through the UI? The only way that I can think of how to do that is to manually remove the description in the postgresql database.

E-mail server configuration
Hello! I have procrastinated configuring the e-mail server for my instance. I am looking into it and it is not entirely clear to me how I should go about it. I see that some docker-compose files have the following block added: ``` postfix: image: mwader/postfix-relay environment: - POSTFIX_myhostname=${domain} restart: "always" ``` But I don't understand whether this is supposed to work out-of-the box (which it did not for me when I tried), or if I need to set up the postfix server as one usually would and the postfix-relay somehow makes the connection between docker container and the already configured server. Is there a guide for complete beginners? I could not find one in the lemmy docs and I have never configured an e-mail server before. I am reading through the postfix documentation and already got some basics but there is a lot, and I am not sure that I am moving efficiently towards the end goal 😅

Personal attacks decrease user activity in social networking platforms (More specifically, Reddit)
[Link to full PDF](

[Question] VMWare vs vStack cloud server
I am currently running my instance using a VMWare cloud server with the following specs: 1 GB RAM / 1 Core / 30 GB SSD / 10 Mbps This costs 13.94 €/month. Using the same provider (, I can rent a vStack cloud server with: 1 GB RAM / 1 Core / 30 GB SSD / 50 Mbps For 4.55 €/month. I am using the more expensive option because this is my first self-hosted project and I did not realize the cheaper option was available when I originally set up the server. As I currently understand it, renting a VMWare is renting a physical machine, and renting a vStack is renting one of many virtual machines installed within a physical machine. Is this correct? And, are there any practical reasons not to "downgrade" to a vStack? When should someone choose a VMWare over a vStack?

I have been learning a lot thanks to Lemmy and the people behind it, so I wanted to contribute a bit back by making some easy-to-follow video tutorials. I have also made the same video in Spanish: As a beginner myself, I do have a level of concern that I might teach something incorrectly, or that I might expose others to security risks and liabilities. I hope that these concerns are not well-founded, but I am open to criticism!