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I think that their “Rationale for inclusion of SARS-CoV-2-negative individuals with post-viral syndrome and definition of long-COVID in non-hospitalized patients” is a bit sketchy, and it is surprising that there are such small differences between the + and - groups. It could be that their response rate was smaller than they had expected and the sample size of 27 was too small, so they mixed the two groups to get it to 52 and make the analysis seem statistically more robust.

The way that the study is designed may cause people to self-report increases in poorly defined symptoms such as ‘brain fog’ and ‘fatigue’ (nocivo effect). It is not specified whether the ‘tinnitus’ was present before the patient had COVID or not. The symptoms of ‘blurry vision’ and ‘blood pressure variation’ can be objectively quantified, but it appears that these are also self-reported???.. I don’t like being negative, but I find this paper… underwhelming…

My opinion is that:

(1) Abortion should be legal without needing to provide a specific reason.

(2) One should be allowed to perform any type of screening available that would allow them to predict the likelihood of their unborn child having a particular trait.

If both of these conditions are met, then trait-selection abortion is legal by default, because a person can screen the unborn child and then choose to get an abortion without specifying the reason.

From a moral standpoint, I think that it is fine. In some cases I might think that abortion is a reasonable choice. In other cases I might think that the person is being quite shallow if the trait is something like eye color. But I think that it is up to them either way. I don’t feel strongly about protecting a fetus if the parent doesn’t want to have the child for any reason .

Have you had success correcting your bad posture?
I slouch a lot, so my shoulders are a bit rounded at my neutral posture. I have tried to get into the habit of doing wall glides, stretching my chest, doing back exercises, and sitting properly. But after quite a few years of testing strategies, tools, and trying to build consistent habits, I usually manage to get two or three weeks of good progress but then fall back to the usual bad habits and my posture does not really improve. Do any of you have any success stories about correcting your bad posture? I would like to learn from your success!

Is there a simple way to remove a banned user's profile description?
A user was created in my instance to spam phishing links to some google sites that look like bank login sites and crypto wallets. I banned the user and removed their content, but the links were also added to the description in their profile page, and they still live there. Is there a way to delete the description through the UI? The only way that I can think of how to do that is to manually remove the description in the postgresql database.

This makes me very happy. Very high quality work!!

For the interested, I highly recommend this video by Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris, one of the lead authors of the paper:

It does work, thank you! :-)

But at the moment I am loading the wallpaper from the github site, as I have not yet been able to host it at

These are super cool, thank you!!

I am trying to add them to my instance, but I am not sure about where I need to add the wallpaper files such that they can be found at /pictrs/image/filename.jpg!

I tried the naive way (creating the image folder inside the volumes (volumes/pictrs/image), but that does not work. I do not actually understand how the image URLs are constructed…

Very cool! Thanks for sharing!

How does the program determine whether an instance is being hosted with “green hosting”? I am not familiar with the concept.

I think that the blanket ban was a hysteria-induced over-reaction. Sadly some of the hysteria remains today… But things are changing for the better!

As for this particular work, I don’t think that the method used is very compelling. The survey was applied only after the experience had already happened, in some cases several years after. There is no significant difference between the “After” and the “Now” beliefs. I think that it is likely that people would answer this type of survey in a biased way. It is nice for one’s ego to think that they have gone through a special transformative experience, and this can influence their memories.

Yes, but the first person in the instance to subscribe needs to go the source instance website and manually fetch the community by pasting the URL into the search box. Communities are not automatically discovered cross-instance.

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Server. But if content from a community in a different instance has not been fetched yet by anyone in your instance, you need to fetch it first by copying the URL from the original instance into the search box of your instance.

Here in the Netherlands I already pay quite high taxes!

I am happy to take actions that decrease my own “quality of life” if it helps others live better lives, but I don’t think paying even more taxes to the dutch government is the most efficient way to get help to those who need it the most. I prefer having agency over how my money is used to help others. I am originally from Mexico and my family lives there, and the “extra” money that I have is peanuts in the Netherlands but can actually make a significant difference there. I prefer donating to projects that I think are valuable, give to people directly, and also to contribute to conservation efforts.

I wouldn’t be against paying more taxes, but I would want these extra taxes to be used to help people in other countries.

Thank you! That is helpful. I have made progress. Now I get a message saying “email_send_failed” and an “Address family not supported by protocol” error from the lemmy logs:

lemmy_1           | 2022-03-24T18:36:31.741763Z ERROR Websocket Request{trace_id=00000000000000000000000000000000}: lemmy_websocket::handlers: Error during message handling email_send_failed: Connection error: Address family not supported by protocol (os error 97)
lemmy_1           |    0: lemmy_websocket::handlers::Websocket Request
lemmy_1           |            with trace_id=00000000000000000000000000000000
lemmy_1           |              at crates/websocket/src/

I think that this error is related to trying to use an ipv6 address at some point, and my server only has ipv4. I will try to fix this… But at least I am moving forward! I will figure out how to set up the reverse DNS after.

E-mail server configuration
Hello! I have procrastinated configuring the e-mail server for my instance. I am looking into it and it is not entirely clear to me how I should go about it. I see that some docker-compose files have the following block added: ``` postfix: image: mwader/postfix-relay environment: - POSTFIX_myhostname=${domain} restart: "always" ``` But I don't understand whether this is supposed to work out-of-the box (which it did not for me when I tried), or if I need to set up the postfix server as one usually would and the postfix-relay somehow makes the connection between docker container and the already configured server. Is there a guide for complete beginners? I could not find one in the lemmy docs and I have never configured an e-mail server before. I am reading through the postfix documentation and already got some basics but there is a lot, and I am not sure that I am moving efficiently towards the end goal 😅

Update: Thank you for giving me the confidence. I ended up migrating to the cheaper option and I see the exact same performance ;-)

Wow, this is very cool. I did not know currents could be measured with such a fast time resolution!

Personal attacks decrease user activity in social networking platforms (More specifically, Reddit)
[Link to full PDF](

Now you should be able to:

It has to be fetched before you can access the community via the beehaw url. I fetched it from your instance by pasting the original url into the search box.

Thank you! In that case, I will run some tests and probably migrate my instance to the vStack :-)

Thanks! Do you know what are the downsides in practice, if any, of running like an OpenVZ container instead of on its own?

[Question] VMWare vs vStack cloud server
I am currently running my instance using a VMWare cloud server with the following specs: 1 GB RAM / 1 Core / 30 GB SSD / 10 Mbps This costs 13.94 €/month. Using the same provider (, I can rent a vStack cloud server with: 1 GB RAM / 1 Core / 30 GB SSD / 50 Mbps For 4.55 €/month. I am using the more expensive option because this is my first self-hosted project and I did not realize the cheaper option was available when I originally set up the server. As I currently understand it, renting a VMWare is renting a physical machine, and renting a vStack is renting one of many virtual machines installed within a physical machine. Is this correct? And, are there any practical reasons not to "downgrade" to a vStack? When should someone choose a VMWare over a vStack?

I have been learning a lot thanks to Lemmy and the people behind it, so I wanted to contribute a bit back by making some easy-to-follow video tutorials. I have also made the same video in Spanish: As a beginner myself, I do have a level of concern that I might teach something incorrectly, or that I might expose others to security risks and liabilities. I hope that these concerns are not well-founded, but I am open to criticism!