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I have migrated to, howecer federation isn’t ideal, so I have to keep this account.
Please contact me there and not here.

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Not at all. I run on a $5 Vultr VPS alongside some other small things. The VPS has been sitting at roughly 350/400MiB of RAM, and essentially never above 5% in the CPU. Lemmy uses less than 30MiB, PostgreSQL about 60/70 and pict-rs roughly 60.
The instance is small, but I don’t believe it will go beyond the system’s resources until it’s actually rather big, at which point it is likely I will have some financial support (many members have already expressed their availability to help out), so upgrading to a $10 plan shouldn’t be hard.

I’d argue he’s not. A fediverse is any network of federated instances that are able to communicate with each other. AP is a way of achieving that, but there are plenty other federation protocols.

I had never heard of that project, it indeed sounds interesting. Can you provide more info on the project itself and on what makes you say that last paragraph? Would love to read more on this

I see, I might try them one day then, thanks!

I think that’s a good plan. User following is a great feature but not as prominent as those others you mentioned.

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For now, Manjaro KDE. I enjoy the powers of Arch with some heavy lifting on the setup and KDE’s endless customisability and flexibility.
One day I’ll install arch from scratch though.
I’ve used Debian, Ubuntu, Mint and a bit of Elementary and Solus in the past. Solus sounds nice but it’s still to young, elementary was a bit meh, but it has been years since I tried it. Mint was great too, and Ubuntu and Debian have surely changed a bit in the past 5 or so years.

Edit: regarding servers, I still exclusively use Ubuntu, not because I find it the best, but simply because I have not tried anything else yet. On that note, does anyone have any recommendations for me?

You make a good point yeah. However, I believe it went radio silent for a considerable amount of time. Not a big deal though.

Must be recent then. It was stopped for a big while. Either way, as the other commenter said, LocalCDN supports more stuff and works better.

This was sent in Lemmy’s Instance Admin room on Matrix. Dunno if that’s what you’re looking for.

A $10 VPS is overkill unless you have a lot of users really. A $5 one (1vCPU and 1GB of RAM) should be enough for quite a bit of users. In my case, I use Vultr, I think they are really great, but there are other hosts out there like DO and whatnot that have similar prices.

Regarding the domain, I’ve heard bad things about godaddy. I’ve been using PorkBun lately and it has been great; support is fast and helpful (had some troubles with payment and they solved it quickly). Again, it isn’t too important, since you can transfer domains to other registrars.

Everything else is on point 👌
I believe there’s also a Yunohost thingy for lemmy1, which would make it a 1-click process, essentially. However, that comes with some overhead, dunno how much.

Yeah that’s a perfectly valid thing. I also like the fact it is still small, though I’d love to see it blossom and grow into a bigger platform and “capture” more users from reddit. enters the chat

No but you’re right, reddit is slow af

I use Firefox.

Privacy related: uBlock Origin, LocalCDN (active Decentraleyes fork), PrivacyPossum (don’t have it enabled all the time), CanvasBlocker, ClearURLs (cleans tracking query params).

Convenience: BitWarden, Firefox containers, Temporary containers, Privacy reditect (super handy), ToS;Dr, RES, Stylus and Dark Reader (with the new DR version I sometimes save the generated “dynamic” style after navigating some pages of a website, and then shove it into Stylus for better performance).

Absolutely need this, I don’t even know how to browse without this anymore lol: Tree Tabs (this specific one: ; I dislike all others; I also remove the normal tab view at the top with user css) and AutoTab Discard (I tend to open a lot of tabs and without this my RAM goes bye bye; TT has this but it’s not as good)

Additionally, I have a second Firefox profile that I can quickly bring up with Ctrl+Alt+F (akin to getting a terminal) and that sort of emulates Firefox Focus on desktop. Essentially it doesn’t store cookies between sessions, there’s no history, and all tabs are temporary containers. I don’t have as strict rules in uBlock and whatnot in that profile and I often use it for stuff that breaks a lot with my normal setup, or for things that I really don’t want to run on my normal profile (like Google). Also, I enabled DRM in it because some platforms I use require it. I try to minimize that usage though. I even made a little theme for the profile using :D

Decentraleyes is dead, swap it for LocalCDN, an actively maintained fork.

This is great! It comes just in the right time for me, since I’m gonna publish an open instance soon :D

Also, for any Portuguese users out there, Lemmy has been fully translated :D

Looks great, I’ll give it a try today!

A quick suggestion though: looking at the repo’s README I see there’s no section explaining why it was forked from Stevenarella, when that project is still active (last commit 3 days ago). I think it would be nice to have a little paragraph with that info :)

Lemmy's resource usage
Hey there! I'm considering hosting a public instance for my country and language but I'd like to know more about Lemmy's resource usage in order to decide if I can afford it or not. I'd really appreciate it if some instance admins could tell me their server's specs and how much RAM, CPU and disk space Lemmy uses on average. This could also possibly be compiled into a little reference document for other people wanting to host their own instance. Thanks :D