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Mine will keep sucking until the hair has filled up so much it pushes out of the shoot on the bottom and then it just keeps going as if everything is fine in the world. Advertised as for pets but cant remember the suction power off the top of my head. There’s also a filter that needs to be cleaned or you lose suction.

I think for my next project I’m gunna be looking into setting up topic focused search engines, particularly for substance use and harm reduction.


Doesn’t seem too hard, has anyone ever done something like this? Curious about overhead costs and the like.

Well viewers by country would require an external service in order to be reliable to my knowledge. I think it’s possible to anonymize while also retaining the portion needed for origin lookup.

Everything else seems fairly trivial since you connect to the instance and they send you data. It can all be metricized based off data sent, rewinds/skips (in the case of audience engagement), simultaneous connections/peers, etc. There’s probably multiple ways to obtain this data really and I’m glad they are getting it! Pretty minor data that has a lot of use to creators in exchange for using the service is a-okay for me but that’s just my opinion.

I found some more detail in the github for how they check view count, could probs find more if you dug around:


Not sure if you’re aware or not but you can disable scores in your personal profile settings.

I think a simple video editor is only an enhancement. All it does is let you add watermarks, change start/end time and add an additional video intro. All of these really surround content protection and legal liabilities.

Seems like the feature could also save admins some overhead by swapping bandwidth for re-uploads to CPU power for transcoding. If there’s ways to limit how often videos can be edited or allow admins to shut it off with a toggle that would be ideal.

I mean the docker-compose.yml file you’re suppose to pull from github, in the docker install docs it tells you to get from wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/main/docker/prod/docker-compose.yml which is this file here that references 0.16.5:


I just tested it again and can confirm that the command above pulls the 0.16.5 file.

@dessalines@lemmy.ml Looks like lemmy 0.16.5 is referenced in the docker-compose file, probably just suppose to be lemmy-ui at 0.16.5 to fix the safari issue right?

@spla@lemmy.cat in your docker-compose.yml switch lemmy to 0.16.4, it will look like this after:

    image: dessalines/lemmy:0.16.4
      - ""
      - ""

Honestly at this point the two sites are different enough that they both provide value and I would recommend everyone check out both.

Was a big fan of privacytools.io back in the day and when they switched to privacyguides.org the one thing that irked me was how much content was removed. Knowing what is out there to use and if it’s even good is a big problem in this space because of all the projects that rise and fail.

You watch your mouth or I’ll start putting spaces in all my passwords! Lazy admins of the world will fear me!

I’ll do some more testing and get back ya on this maybe I’m jumping the gun.

my posts is also confusing because I crossposted it, this happened on lemmy.ca but I believe it’s happened elsewhere just not confirmed.

When were those added?

Password Length Seemingly Not Enforced On Account Creation
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ca/post/107103 > May have just found out why I've historically had issues logging into my Lemmy accounts. > > I was able to create my account fine using a password 65-ish characters in length using letters, numbers and special characters. Then immediately I couldn't login! I use a passwords vault to create/save my accounts fully before I enter my details into the site so the details are correct. > > Upon resetting my password and trying a new one with the same parameters I was advised my password was too long (60 max I think it said?). I moved it to 58 characters and also removed special characters then I was able to login fine. > > This may have been going on for sometime and across other instances because I was having lots of issues making lemmy accounts before on lemmy.ml. > > Anyone else run into this?

Is there potential to introduce security concerns following this guide that you’re aware of?

People love to be temporarily outraged and especially love to enable others to be outraged on their behalf, if you make authority the target then it becomes a dogpile. Same powerful feeling with half the effort. Outsource your outrage today!

Also if you ask me, r/place is all about humans working together to create and all the politics that come along with such an endeavor. The creations are awesome but the politics, discussion and reasonings that happen to take us to that point are the REAL entertainment. If this is what will happen every year then I’m here for it, let’s kick back and watch the fireworks.

Which is fair because the mod team should be operating as a whole unit in the end anyways.