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@ada I think I heard somewhere that ! means that the post wont be public but just targeted at the specific person or group. It can be seen by other though if they have a direct link to the post.

how to move around Vim
[@memes]( [@memes]( [@memes]( [@nonpolitical\_memes]( [\#memes]( ♲ […](

@DerPapa69 All politics. Even stuff I agree with 😁

In that case I was sold the wrong thing considering the description on the instance list 😃

In my opinion it’s easier to find positivity over at Twitter than it is to find it here. I use Friendica which can mix my Twitter and Fediverse timeline for that exact reason.

@coldhotman Indeed! I dont like all the politics. It’s bad energy 😁

Comments and posts not shown on Lemmy servers
Hey. I have issues when I comment posts, then sometimes it doesnt show up on the Lemmy server where the post was originally posted. Another issue is that if I try to make a post which contains a picture, then it doesnt work - only if it contains text only. What I do is that I tag the community, I want to post in. This is my Friendica account, but I have the same issues from my Mastodon account as well. Has anyone else had the same issues when interacting with Lemmy instances from other Fediverse platforms?

@TechGuru_007 I used to be using Chromium based browsers but changed to Firefox recently. Actually it runs better on both my computer and phone.

@SrEstegosaurio @coldhotman why does it have weaker security than Chromium browsers?

Edit: saw this in the comments: madaidans-insecurities.github.…