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Ah ha, that explains a lot actually. I just realize how ignorant I’m about how power plants(and many other factories) were built before I was born and still running well today. And how costly it could be to upgrade them altogether.

Because emails can be threaded? So it can be used as some kind of ticketing system. Newcomers can easily catch up too.

If elon musk wants twitter he could just host an instance of mastodon, surely he can afford a server with decent compute power and bandwidth.

oh well, I guess he doesn’t want twitter after all. What a shit show.

“Because after all, we’re evil. Thanks for coming to my TED talk” – Google CEO, probably

I saw this the other day but couldn’t really understand how it works:( Using mail list in 2022 seems a bit … unintuitive?

also I’d love to be educated about equivalents to issues/PRs in sourcehut cuz I’m thinking about shifting away from github too:)

I love more GPU competition but I have doubt though. How did they manage to design, validate, tape out the chip and write windows/linux driver in less than 2 years?

I hope FSR 2.0 would make this game more playable on the deck.

Rehabs should be and in fact is mandatory in a lot of countries. To my knowledge, most drugs can be easily traced with some sort of chemical method. It’s only a matter of time before law enforcement narrow it down to the drug dealers. Though admittedly this would cost a ton and can be really difficult in countries like, no offense intended here, Mexico.

Rehabs. Also find out who sold it to them and put these drug dealers behind bars.

I, for one, believe that any drug or substance that work on central nervous system should be properly regulated, most of which should only allowed as prescribed medications.

Any personal info I stored on the cloud has been encrypted by my GPG key, or at least AES256 with a strong password. I know it’s kind of paranoid, but I just have trust issues with these big companies.

they’re just requiring that everyone use Chrome.

No thank you, Google can fxxk off.