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Probably because NK is China’s lackey

Before you had computers to generate numbers for you, it was either buying one of these books or rolling dice.

The point being to steal people’s money?

There’s been a big push for workers rights and holding businesses accountable for their actions against workers since the pandemic. I hope this still only the beginning.

Mobile UI best practices != Desktop UI best practices

The overlap between alt left and alt right groups is the importance of privacy.

Glad to see more people realizing how shit Manjaro is.

A major release distro doesn’t prevent bugs, it just keeps the amount of bugs the same. This is good for servers, but I’m a big proponent for rolling-release desktops since fixes usually take a week or two max.

I’ve been interested by Nix-OS/Guix package managers every time I see them.

What applications do you use that don’t run on Wayland? GTK and QT apps do, and so do Electron apps.

And here I was hoping for native VSCode

Why use aur/doas over community/opendoas?

Iirc, Adwaita is the default theme for Gnome and thus most GTK apps. That’s why a lot of packages pull it in as a dependency.

That’s exactly why they replaced the old groups feature to bring this in.

The difference is GitHub has Gitea, Gitlab, etc. as open source alternatives and almost every Freenode dev moved to

I’d be for banning political discussion on the main instance. With how little say users have when it comes to filtering things here aside from subscribing, it’ll lower a lot of conflict

Thanks for not saying the word sublemmy 🤢