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now you can say the n word all you want on there. but I’m sure he’s gonna go after leftists by algorithm at least, time for users to hold him hostage via our participation on the platform

Think I just watched something about avif… it’s optimized for modern monitors with much better colors. and it’s an open standard. so I would def use it over jpeg if I can get away with it

who needs the labor of employees to drive profit when you have elon

after his image I guess…-

do you really expect it to change that much?

they just care about ‘but muh economy’

from a population standpoint they might be more so than women because it takes women a lot more time and energy to produce more children…

doesn’t mean anyone should die for capitalism and society needs men too.

Maybe it was some programmer who’s good with code but doesn’t bother to understand hardware.

I didn’t know you can get that, so maybe I’ll use it in a design…

Now under normal circumstances, this wouldn’t be an issue. There are literally billions of devices running Linux from an eMMC chip. But any competent embedded Linux developer would take the steps necessary to make sure the operating system’s various log files are not being written to a non-replaceable storage device soldered onto the board

Unfortunately, for reasons that still remain somewhat unclear, the build of Linux running on the MCU is doing exactly that. What’s worse, Tesla’s graphical interface appears to be generating its own additional log messages. Despite the likelihood that nobody will ever actually read them, for every second a Tesla is driving down the road, more lines are being added to the log files.

wow now reading this that’s so f*cking stupid.

Or, if we’re being honest, why are we using eMMC on a car? It’s not exactly a rock solid storage solution and does not inspire confidence when used on a vehicle of all things. Use an mSATA SSD or something, at least. The freaking car is 50 grand or more and they’re too cheap to even have a proper SSD?

idk I wouldn’t drive one of those things anyways. I just know where eMMCs can be useful.

I haven’t reflowed before so I wouldn’t know. I think you are suggesting an SD card instead of a eMMC. That can work and prob wouldn’t be more expensive, but that’s an SPI interface I think so slower than what might be an 8bit interface on the eMMC.

maybe more components should be socket’d…

perfect. I’m trying to design a portable device incorporating softwares like this.

I don’t agree. It’s almost certainly a BGA which means it is more difficult to desolder (I would use chip quik normally) but still can be done. See Louis Rossman’s videos.

they are gonna have you rip out and replace the entire board just to replace that flash chip I bet you

How can you compare an individual person to some corporation or whatever canonical is

I am excited for the coming era of the free and high performance AV1 video codec.
cross-posted from: https://lemmygrad.ml/post/387634 > If you are unfamiliar with the AV1 codec well it is the successor to VP9 which was in the same class of h.264 which was and still is prolific on the internet. AV1 is a big jump over h264... > > MediaTek was early to implemented AV1 in their Dimensity smartphone chips since 2019. And if you aren't aware those are in a lot of Chinese smartphones. > > There is now a decent chance you own and use a device that supports AV1 decoding. This means that AV1 I think is going to take over the internet in the next few years. > > Although AV1 is free and open source, it is a result of corporate socialism and Google's CIA influence. It probably wouldn't even be possible in the capitalist framework otherwise because big surprise intellectual property isn't actually good for innovation or much else. > > https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AV1 - > https://www.xda-developers.com/av1/ - > https://www.androidauthority.com/av1-codec-1113318/ > > [The AV1 Video Codec - linux.conf.au](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qubPzBcYCTw&ab_channel=linux.conf.au)