Self Repair - Right to repair

Alternatives to iFixit?
Specifically, need OEM parts (where possible) and located in the USA.

Following heavy criticism regarding anti-repair practices on the iPhone 13 lineup, Apple has just announced its Self Service Repair program. The company shared earlier that it wouldn’t be disabling Face ID after third-party screen repairs, after online outrage. The Cupertino giant is now taking an unexpected step further and making repairs easily accessible to individuals. In a newsroom post, Apple has stated that iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 users will be able to order genuine spare parts and tools to repair their own iPhones. The move is unprecedented by Apple, but it’s most definitely a welcome one that will help dodge anti-trust lawsuits. Clearly, without lawsuits and pressure groups, this would never have changed. Whilst I really love some of what Apple does (very long software update cycles, the best health smartwatch, etc) there is also a lot I really dislike (a crippled Shortcuts app, iCloud web apps that lack features, Photos is dismal compared to Google Photos, etc). So this is yet another incremental improvement (like widgets, 3rd party keyboards and browsers, copy-and-paste, etc that eventually arrived). See #technology #righttorepair #iphone #DIY

Is there any easy + cheap way to fix the charging port on an android phone?
The cable only charges the phone when it's at specific angles.

Laptop track pad not working after installing new ssd and ram.
I'm not sure exactly how it broke, but I think it was probably when I tried to lift the battery out of it. After that the track pad completely stopped working. Is there a connection I bumped loose, or did i break it?

Self Repair - Right to repair
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