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Because the admins here are thin-skinned children who do not practice what they preach.

Roald Dahl could be so damn wholesome

You can still buy a 4k “dumb” TV from Sceptre. I’ve been pretty happy with mine.

I think the point is that this shouldn’t be necessary. Individual users should be able to filter out entire instances without having to jump to an entirely new account.

If you think that a gay pride flag isn’t a political statement, then I assume you also think a white pride flag isn’t a political statement?

Edit: Also, if the inclusion of a gay pride flag isn’t a political statement, then how can its removal be a political statement?

The fact that it’s a political statement you and I may happen to agree with doesn’t mean it’s not political, and advancing that argument just makes you sound as irrationally prejudiced as the people you oppose.

It’s abominable that Signal still requires a phone number.