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I don’t think so but maybe you should get confirmation from the Devs. I don’t know if you’re in the same case than me but I made a script to workaround this federation issue. Maybe it could be useful to you. I explained it in a little blog post

You need to at least search for remote communities from your instance to see their content appear. Keep in mind it’s not retroactive though (I think), you’ll see content from the moment you made the search.

Take a look at rofimoji. You get an emoji selector popup and inputs it in your current app.

It looks like you’re on android, the applications lemmur and jerboa have that feature by default, although having it in the web app would be nice indeed.

I’m pretty sure that would just make the girls find some other way to do it without direct contact but maybe I’m just too cynical 😃

That’s a really cool thing to do with your grandkids

That seems like a good idea but maybe make it opt-in to avoid having to choose a default one and be forced to monitor its availability, or at least let the instance admin choose the defaults if they want to do so.

Really cool, thank you.

I have a small issue with some dark themes, but anyway I stuck with vapowave-dark even so :)

I love darkspace.

Well, I don’t know if that’s really sad, I think people should have a minimum of knowledge to host online services. Doing it while learning system administration from scratch and hoping it will be easy is kind of naive.

I did not read the docs but if it’s not the case maybe some basic knowledge should be listed as requirement along with some links to tutorials?

I do exactly the same that way I always get new content as I check in a few times a day. I have trouble understanding the trending and active sorting methods.

Those are very nice, thanks for sharing!

Well, welcome. I find it hard to replace mastodon with lemmy though as I think they’re not really comparable, except the activitypub part. On mastodon for example based on your message I would have followed you, that’s not possible here.

But if it suits you, it’s all that matters😃

Too bad I did not check for how long the service was running before restarting, I’ll check next time.

I think I had to do this twice so I guess at least several weeks but I was up to 7GB then only 65MB after restart. And I had to do it on both my test and production server.

Yep I noticed that as well, though I don’t detect it right away since I have lots of available memory on my server. I just restart the pictrs service but indeed a more long term solution would be great. I haven’t created an issue since I don’t use a supported deployment method so I was not sure which was the culprit.

Well that’s too bad, you should open an issue. It worked for me, I even tweaked it to install the latest 0.16.0 and it worked as well.

It has just been updated to 0.15.2!

Thanks for those answers.

I use I3wm and don’t play games on my gnu/linux computers so for now I think I’ll stick with it but it seems sway would be the way to go for me if I was ready.

Do you know and use manyverse? Care to invite me?
Hey, I just discovered [manyverse](https://manyver.se). It looks interesting but I kind of understand why I had not heard of it even though it seems to have been around for a while now...It looks like it's a little bit complicated to discover and follow people, I know it's a common issue for decentralized tools but with this one it's even harder since it only works with invites (correct me if I'm wrong). Have you heard about it? What do you think of it? Apparently the best way to discover people is to join a room server but again, I need an invite for that. Can one of you guys invite me to a room server please?

I installed Lemmy
I added Lemmy to the list of my self-hosted fediverse services, here’s what I think about it and how I made it more useful in a single-user instance configuration.

Ok so I managed to make federation working, mind your versions!
I had tried version 0.11.3 and 0.13.0, those were not working, finally tried 0.13.3 as suggested by @nutomic:matrix.org and now everything is working as expected