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I honestly don’t know, but I’m going to be at that point again soon. I just put in my resignation for a low paying but ridiculously easy job, not because I wanted to, but because my situation changed and now I’m being forced to relocate elsewhere. Yeah, I could stay local, but then the job isn’t worth it anymore because I’m driving further (I calculated it, it’s not worth it despite the benefits and how much I like the job). So now I get to pack up my shit, move, and start a-new. Usually when I leave a job I have mixed feelings of sadness and dread, knowing that I’ll most likely never see or communicate with my co-workers ever again (the good ones that I like anyway) and the loss of the financial security net from the job itself. This time around it’s sadness but not so much dread, in a way it can actually feel a little liberating to not have to work, to not be ‘tied to the system’ despite the fact that I’ll have to return to work one way or another, I think for the time being I’m going to enjoy my final days at my current job and then take some time to enjoy life before I return to work right away, it’s going to be hard finding another job that doesn’t leave me feeling dead inside but I guess that’s life for you.

Thanksgiving, also I don’t consider Black Friday an actual holiday and I don’t plan to spend a single cent on any of these holidays until companies decide to pay a livable wage, so it’ll probably be a while but that’s fine since I haven’t celebrated any of these since I was a kid. Currently my wages go towards living and occasionally investing, they don’t go towards wasting money on unnecessary plastic garbage or electronics.

Don’t forget the mods that selectively enforce certain rules or remove content because they don’t agree with something even though it doesn’t violate any rules.

This is actually pretty neat, my current watch is a Chinese knockoff modded to run Russian CFW, it only lasts about 2 weeks, cost me $70, and it doesn’t even have all the features that this one has.

Couldn’t you do this with mobile data?

On a RPI? Technically you could, but this requires an additional purchase to connect to the cellular network and you’ll also have to pay a monthly fee for the service, at that point you might as well just get a VPN as it’s not worth the cost, that is unless you know a ridiculously cheap cellular provider.

Besides being theft of other people’s paid service and illegal, this puts innocent people at risk.

Eh, that depends on your usage, you can easily get permission from a friend or family member to leave it at their place. I wouldn’t consider it theft since they just left the Wi-Fi network wide open for anyone to use, this would be a different story if someone used tools such as aircrack to gain access to the network, but that’s just my opinion, and this is only illegal if you use it for illegal purposes.

Can we please keep this kind of ideas out of lenny?

Somebody asked a question and I answered, there’s nothing illegal about it unless you make it illegal, I’ve even done a similar setup myself (with permission from the property/network owner, of course), so sorry but I’m not going to censor myself just because someone else is uncomfortable discussing these things on Lemmy.

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I would argue it’s unethical of them to force their obnoxious ads on people and that they’re not losing any revenue because the person that would patch an app to remove said annoyances would also be likely to just uninstall it if they were unable to patch it.

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This is why we have ad-blockers. And for the games that have embedded/offline ads, those get patched, and if that falls then uninstalled. 😛

This can be viewed as both a good or a bad thing, personally I love my Android and the removable battery. Not looking forward to having to upgrade since it’s getting harder and harder to find devices with a removable battery.

Who knows, it could be anything. 🤷‍♂️


Get a good weatherproof enclosure for your PI, a solar panel, and a power bank. Configure it to automatically connect to any open WiFi networks (via bash script and cron) and then use said connection remotely as your own free VPN. Be sure to put the PI in a good remote area where it won’t be messed with, I’d suggest somewhere up high if possible, also if you’re using it for not so legal purposes I’d suggest doing it somewhere far away from your main base of operations.

* FREE after initial hardware investments.

Sleeping, because I’m too physically exhausted to do anything after working full time and doing household chores on my days off.

I sure do love this system we live in. /s

In my mind, the one place that can’t be easily compromised… yet.