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hmm weird, i know the project uses local network discovery to transfer files p2p try using chrome or chromium that’s what i’m using for it

make sure no vpn’s are enabled and both devices are on the same network

It is, works great transferring my videos from iphone to fedora laptop

Spotifyler rips it from spotify you can use the web free version to create playlists and browse other playlist, and if your privacy worried use tor while browsing https://github.com/Shabinder/SpotiFlyer

yea but it has seem to working fine currently, i think they are natively integrating their own bridge

well actually revolt has a matrix bridge to their discord server then their discord server to revolt. So matrix messenges are bridged twice I have no idea on how it works but I found this in their roadmap https://trello.com/c/xiTaKb2b/27-discord-compatibility-layer

agreed although the developer said they will not be making one, and will only support linux

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/343116 > Reporting that piegames forked warp the gnome app to windows, currently it's in early beta.

Reporting that piegames forked warp the gnome app to windows, currently it's in early beta.

there is an windows beta version too!

Ran across this great file transfer service although it only supports linux currently with an nightly build on windows

what do you guys think of gnomes warp app it uses magic wormhole

California CCW Data Leak? Anyone know if the files got posted online?
California this morning had a massive data leak of all current ccw owners in the state. Myself included as others would like to know if people are distrubuting our info. Does anyone know if these files are being posted online?

Pretty cool app, lets hope it sees the light of day in the app store

The politics part is understandable, although would one have to know any coding language?

I feel lemmy just needs a general instance, for all people, no matter beliefs or nothing