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Cant blame you. Once they kill RedReader thats the end of my reddit use.

Welcome. As a long time fedi user new faces are always fun to see

This is the reason the fediverse is so damn important. Companies and oeople are totally misalligned. The goal of a company at the end of the day is to make money at any cost. Online that places them in a situation where they collect users and try to build a wall arounf them. Eventually they all fail and people batter down the walls from within to escape. Compuserve, yahoo, myspace, facebook, etc are all examples.

Some screen reader accessibility work would not go amiss. For example next to the username to sublemmy is a little dot talkback reads as “two of five” then the next thing reads “5h three of five” but does not tell me that it was edited at that time. Next is another dot that is read as “four of five” and finally there is a book icon that just reads as “button”. To the right of the number of comments the upvote button is only read as " link" while the downvote button is read correctly. The fediverse icon in replies and the chain icon to the left are also only read as “link”

Because i use RedReader and refuse to use reddit without it. The official apps and website are garbage can residue quality. I have actually had a lemmy account for a while and use mastodon almost every day, but never really made myself get used to lemmy. I am really hoping the RedReader dev ports the app to lemmy as i am not the only one asking and they seem open to the idea


Seems to me that only OPs should be boosted and you would open the post to see comments. I just learned the same thing today and hit that same barrier. I dont want my home timeline filled to the brim with every single reply

Lemmy seems somewhat centralizing
Due to lemmys focus on communities instead of individuals it seems like some level of centralization is going to occur or already has. As an example !privacy@lemmy.ml is going to be a way more active community than !privacy@somerandomserver.org. now if i run a terrible server called terribleserver.net and lemmy.ml bans it as they should then nobody on terribleserver.net will be able to interact with the largest communities such as !privacy, !technology, etc. Other servers may have their own versions of these but they will most likely be rarely used. Mind, i doubt lemmy.ml's mods would do this, but a rogue mod could really break things by just banning other instances for no reason. I have been on mastodon for years but am decently new to lemmy so if i am misunderstanding this please correct me

One is money by the people and for the people while the other is the furtherment of power grabs by the governmyth to control everyone for the benefit of the few

Has lemmy fixed their nonstandard activitypub? I heard that lemmy and mastodon couldnt interact because of it. However, i could be wrong. Just joined this morning