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oops i should be promoting communities on my own instance i suppose!

this is the correct link: https://beehaw.org/c/linuxhumor@lemmy.ml

and it shows that it has 0 subscribers from beehaw, so that’s why you won’t see any posts in your feed. it needs at least 1 subscriber from your instance, then it should federate properly.

also, sometimes it takes a bit for the community to “sync” as well. but again, it might be a different issue too, i don’t know for sure.

I have noticed this too on our instance as well. I had one user fix the issue by unsubscribing and re-subscribing to the community, then it started federating properly.

it looks like from the error message that you maybe don’t have the correct amount of whitespace. here’s a snippet of mine:

    image: dessalines/lemmy:0.16.6
      - ""
      - ""
    restart: always
      - RUST_LOG="warn,lemmy_server=info,lemmy_api=info,lemmy_api_common=info,lemmy_api_crud=info,lemmy_apub=info,lemmy_db_schema=info,lemmy_db_views=info,lemmy_db_views_actor=info,lemmy_db_views_moderator=info,lemmy_routes=info,lemmy_utils=info,lemmy_websocket=info"
      - ./lemmy.hjson:/config/config.hjson
      - postgres
      - pictrs
        max-size: "20m"
        max-file: "5"

i also added the 4 logging lines for each service listed in my docker-compose.yml file. hope this helps!

it’s just a change to the docker-compose.yml file. so depending on how your instance is setup (using ansible or docker-compose), you could just make the change yourself.

i believe that’s just a regular docker log file. i don’t think by default that docker shrinks their log files, so it’s probably everything since you started your instance.

i’m just guessing though.

there’s still 2 or 3 of us lemmy.ca users who are occasionally active, haha. I just lurk most of the time.

I would guess it’s a federation issue maybe? maybe if a down vote doesn’t federate for whatever reason but the user decided to un-down vote and that does federate? I dunno, just a guess.

100% agreed. I use it every day. I do understand his frustration though.

same here. i think it was either reddit or hacker news where i read about it. i think i first created an account on lemmy.ml, then lemmy.ca, and now i’m running lemmy.ca!

i believe they typically run as a service on a computer, monitoring the subreddit via the reddit api, the when it finds new stuff, it posts it onto lemmy.

I think their doc’s are decent? and I could be wrong, and maybe it depends on the Linux distribution, but I’m just not 100% sure if it actually does anything without some basic configuration.

to be clear, the only way to access ssh is by connecting through the VPN? yeah, it should be fine, as long as your vpn is secure.

disable root login over ssh, and use public keys auth if possible.

fail2ban is good, but needs to be configured properly.

there’s probably lots more, but that’s a start.

since that community is on a different instance, you just need to copy & paste the community url, in this case, https://sopuli.xyz/c/sports, and paste it in the search bar at the top.

it should then give you a result with the link to the community for your instance (https://lemmy.ml/c/sports@sopuli.xyz), which you can then subscribe to using your lemmy.ml account.

hopefully that makes sense!

apparently stat -c %w / will find your install date (i believe it’s the date ‘/’ was created?). anyways, mine is 2014-02-08, so just over 8 years. fun!