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Just use the flatpak from flathub

ZeroK: Amazing RTS like Supreme Commander

How can you get this discount? I only see a price of $7.99

Very easy with CardDAV. Sign up for a Nextcloud account, install DavX5 on your phone, and setup CardDAV sync on your PC in Thunderbird/Gnome/etc. You can also use Etesync if you want more security, although it definitely is more challenging to use.

Anyone have any follow up reading? I would love to read more comprehensively about how many of the mentioned ideas would actually be implemented in a cohesive system.

I used AlphaVPS for an OpenVZ VPS for a while and was satisfied. However, I needed a KVM VPS and at that point it’s cheaper (iirc) going with Hetzner, so I switched.

Isn’t it just great that it is running open firmware that you can adjust to your needs and UI preferences… :)

Love it when people just copy paste from HN ;)

All the answers I’ve seen so far don’t seem to account for metadata. You might want to have a look at tox over tor, xmpp over tor with omemo, or session if you are concerned about it.

While they are definitely cheap, I don’t see any indication of superior privacy.

Interesting option. Might be exactly what I’m looking. Reasonably priced as well.

More private than AlphaVPS. Privacy in the sense of less likely to monitor or monetize my data and vps behavior. You can think of it in the reason why someone would prefer Mullvad VPN over Opera VPN. Although you have no guarantees, one option might seem preferable in terms of privacy.

I’ve gotten away just fine with 30GB of storage for matrix (only about 30% util). I’m hosting a xmpp server regardless.

Recommended VPS Provider?
I'm looking to switch to a different VPS provider that is more privacy-respecting. These are some I am currently considering: - [1984](https://www.1984.is/) - [Bahnhof](https://www.bahnhof.net/) - [Njalla](https://njal.la/) a bit on the expensive side I'm looking to host a matrix server, pleroma, rss feed reader, xmpp, syncthing, as well a few other services. Nothing bandwidth intensive, but I do need at least 3gb of ram. I'm also looking to use docker. Anyone have any recommendations for such providers that aren't incredibly expensive?

How does this compare to Briar and Ricochet? All three use Tor.

Um actually, I think you mean GNU Guix