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it is So Fucking Slow. i can’t use it for more than 10 minutes without it slowing down to the point of unusability

Ah, I see your point now. I still think it’d sell the wrong idea since it just causes centralization, which is a problem that platforms already deal with, but now I see its potential usefulness as well

But this isn’t the case with “usual” social media stuff either, why should it be the case with the fediverse?

Also just like, they are decentralized. You can’t tell dozens upon dozens of different people to “hey, make ur instance’s design follow these arbitrary rules thanks”

Same case as Fakefunk, I have my own fictional world set in the year 2500. I don’t really care about how the world is doing, but there’s this small, human-made island operated by sentient machines that is what i call a “utopia in the works”. They’re trying to make a utopia, but they’re not quite there yet. One thing I do know about this world is that “zero world countries” are now a thing, that is, countries that reach post-scarcity. The island this worldbuilding is focused on is one of those.

My friends have called them the intersection of transhumanism and buddhism, and solarpunk with a cyberpunk aesthetic

  • you can also say that a dozen is a group of 1100, does that mean that a dozen is a reference to binary? of course not, that doesn’t make any sense. just because you can use decimal digits to write a definition doesn’t make it a decimal-centric definition. duodecimal is decimal-centric not because of its definition, but because it’s literally “two(duo) ten(decimal)”

  • there are a lot of ways to count to 12 with only two hands. some with only one hand

The problem with “duodecimal” is that it’s in base ten, which makes it unfitting for a community centered around replacing base ten

Not just technology, I can’t remember anything I learnt on school besides like basic mathematical operations. Everything else they tried to explain I had to learn on internet

I clicked on this with a “this really shouldn’t use that word” mindset, and was very pleasantly surprised

Is there a way to input dozenal numbers? It can output them but i cant seem to input them

Ten is also divisible by 2

In base ten, you can tell when a number is divisible by 2, 5 and ten by looking only at the last number (if it ends on 2, 4, 6, 8, 0 its divisible by 2; if it ends on 5 or 0 its divisible by 5, if it ends on 0 its divisible by ten)

In dozenal, you can do this with 2,3,4,6 and twelve

To do numbers like 10 and up, I use the other hand for the dozens place

A community for people who enjoy using base twelve and prefer it over base ten

I’ve only used it to contact people who I have had to find when I fall into whatever rabbit hole, but not really to communicate with friends. Like, just a few days ago I fell into a Z-SAMPA rabbithole and I used email to talk to the person who was my only source of information

the best part of that excuse rn is that getting a life is extremely unadvisable due to Global Situations

what, you want them to catch the 'rona, m8?

You’re confusing communities and instances. If you want the RSS feed of an instance you need to do what you just said, but for a specific community what you said doesn’t apply

There isn’t even a subscribed, local, all selector

I think it’s absolutely clear

I’m glad you think that! Development has been very slow this year because my computer has started to fail me, but hopefully I’ll get back on giving updates and stuff about it soon!

Thought I'd share this album, mostly as an excuse to introduce blaseball to here