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Another option I thought about was him buying the M1 and fighting his way to install a Linux distro that supports all the M1 MacBook hardware. He’ll have a really fast and efficient chip, as well as a good system!

This option is a pipe dream. I don’t think there’s any indication that Linux can run on M1 as a desktop. They have initial support, yes, but a full desktop would require so much more.

For example, I was reading about a vulnerability in the M1s because of not having adopted a particular instruction set in the very basic operations of the chip.

X86s are riddled with security faults and legacy.

It’s almost as if this M1 is an early-adoption technology, if that makes sense.

Apple has been making CPUs for a long time, for their phones and pads. So no, it’s not early-adoption at all.

Generally speaking, you seem to be having some misconceptions about compatibility issues and support out there. Apple beats Linux in that area very easily. It’s a mainstream product whereas putting Linux on something is still very much a fringe thing.

Yes, granted, but I don’t see how replacing it with another, seemingly hostile, monopoly will help.

It’s actually even worse: if you take BBK’s brands, they’re #1 so Apple is essentially #4. So China is roughly taking 50% of the whole market.

This is not a good trend in any way, but I suppose we’ve been digging our own graves for a long time.

You’re basically giving them donations, that’s almost the whole point.

Python. It’s the funnest to write, the REPL (with ipython) is ok, but the runtime errors are irritating.

Which comments do you think were racist? Or as you state, “incredibly racist”?

I saw some pretty valid skepticism about the security implications of such hardware. Nothing about calling the Chinese people something bad.

Knowingly lying, especially in combination of attempts to gain high power. Although I realize how difficult this would be to enforce.

Didn’t downvote you, but 1. seemed odd. Are you saying that if somebody hires somebody, they cannot get rid of that person no matter how they behave and work? Perhaps I didn’t understand the phrasing correctly — perhaps the stress was on “without notice”.

Others are more or less agreeable, although possibly hard to enforce.

https://imgz.org/ for the imgur replacement. With a fun attitude too, if you’re into that kinda thing.

A significant difference between Matrix and XMPP (and many other classical protocols) is an architectural detail. Gladly correct me if I’m wrong here, I’m working on my educated assumptions here based on limited and quick reading of many of these protocols.

XMPP and (say) IRC are message transmission protocols. A payload consists of a message. There’s lots of details on top of this (especially with XMPP and its extensions), but that’s the core idea.

Matrix is a log synchronization protocol. Its purpose essentially is to make sure every patricipant in the network is reaching towards identical state. This is an important difference in terms of reliability, because (barring software bugs of course) it means that being off-line cannot cause any disruption in message flow. But it’s also bit more difficult to implement well.

I assume many other modern messaging applications work like Matrix as well, but I’ve paid even less attention for those.

Regular IRC is completely plain-text by default, though :)

Paying for services by getting tracked is very easy though. To setup a similar system for payment where you pay for services with actual bucks would most probably be horrible UX and a crapload of new recurring payments to handle.

Unless somebody centralized all this into some Spotify/Netflix -like centralized service.