I’ll be honest, this is as much a question as it is a vent.

Specifically, how do you deal with people you meet everyday like family, coworkers, etc. who just revel in conspiracy theories?

I have a coworker who is dead certain 5G somehow produces the coronavirus, despite easily verifiable facts in microbiology and physics showing otherwise. He’s a nice guy in general with a degree in electronics, but dear lord, when he starts with this tin-foil hat bullshit it ruins my day.

  • xenith
    83 years ago

    Maybe this is an anti-answer to your question but I don’t deal with them. I refuse. There’s way too many stupid people people in the world for me to spend my limited time trying to convince someone with logical arguments when they’re obviously immune to logic. They’ve already found their truth in a YouTube video despite the sum total of all scientific knowledge so what can I do other than get myself bent out of shape worrying about it?

    I actively don’t engage, physically remove myself if possible, make a mental note to never trust them with anything that requires critical thought, and move on.

    This isn’t the right answer for everyone but I lack the skills needed to not invest emotion in those encounters. It ruins my day. I actually learned this about myself through replying to crazy comments on reddit. I had to learn to down vote and move on.

    • @onlooker@lemmy.mlOP
      13 years ago

      I do something similar, actually. Whenever the topic of vaccinations comes up, I begin the process of tuning out my surroundings. Headphones on, focus on work for the next 15 minutes or so. Like you put it so well, my coworker found their truth on facebook, youtube or whatever and because of this I find arguing with him on this topic a colossal waste of my time and nerves.