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I don’t think that banning people below 18 will enlarge their safety. It will just push them to different platforms (that aim to use their users). I don’t see any more danger if someone uses Instagram or similar than this site. The problem lies in education of user (which I think young people are better and better with that as they grow up with technology (I hope)), not in slider that goes too low of what you prefer.

You can meet and feel unsafe with person at any age.

Systems have huge impact on behaviour. If Alovoa will make educating campaigns, and push wholesome message it will make much bigger change than your solution, that doesn’t address the problem (of using position amd force for own gain, and damage to others).

I will try to use metaphor here. Let’s assume that there is a person and a match (besides other things). If you teach that person how to use this match, they will be able to warm themselves but not burn themselves down. They may hurt their fingertips trying to find how long they can hold it, but something like that you can just shake off. If you tie their hands but leave the match on the table and leave them, because of abrupt movements they may succeed in lighting it up (or get mad while trying to do that) but then fleemsy movements may lead to fire, and setting themselves ablaze. If you take that match from them, and leave the whole table still flooded in other matches, the result will be similar to above.

I really don’t like people thinking for others and assuming everything, and getting hostile because of that. The problem layes in education and teaching, not in freedom. Technology brings us tools. There is nothing wrong in knife while you are cutting carrot, but there is something horrible wrong if you stab somone with it on purpose. Still the problem isn’t in the act itself, but why that happend; what lead to that situation and how can it be prevented in the future.
12 urte

I get and hear what you’re saying, however I do not agree with everything as I still believe in my previous statements.

Also I’m really not hostile, I gave my arguments respectfully. As for assuming “everything” we are both doing it, just not in the same way.

I see. I stan by my words also :)

Hostile, in like that you are not going to use it and posting comments about it being bad in some way. You are not neutral towards it, and not for it, so you are against it (I admit that binary thinking here isn’t 100% precise).

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