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How to add signature on aerc
I'm trying to use [aerc]( as my main email client but I don't find how to add automatically a signature to my mails. Does someone know how to do that?

I made a python script (Yup I’m bored lol)

import random

with open("adjectives.txt", "r") as f_adj:
    adj = f_adj.readlines()

with open("nouns.txt", "r") as f_nouns:
    nouns = f_nouns.readlines()
rand_noun = nouns[random.randint(1, len(nouns))].strip()
rand_adj = adj[random.randint(1, len(adj))].strip()
rand_number = str(random.randint(0, 100))
print(rand_noun + "_" + rand_adj + "_" + rand_number)

Idk, you could try to find a list of noun, a list of adjective and then make a lil python/bash script that randomly generates a nickname. (There might be an easier solution tho)

Is there an alternative front-end for Twitch?
I'd like to watch some streams but I don't really wanna go on Twitch's website directly.

sshh you’re ruining the meme :D

Yeah maybe, well I still can i gues

Which is way smarter than what I use lmao

For this type of funny website I use the password manager on my Ledger nano s (which I only use for the password manager feature - YES it is overkill) which emulates a keyboard hehe ¯\_◉‿◉_/¯

I don’t even dare to try Gentoo…

I’m currently reading Immortel by J.R Dos Santos, I find it pretty good I don’t really know the genre tho. Otherwise I really like biographical genre.

Btw I used to think that I couldn’t read books because I simply couldn’t focus but I’ve found a trick and now I love reading. The “trick” is that I must listen to a music from which I know the lyrics and I add some white noises to that, like that my mind can only focus on what I’m reading (or at least more than before).

As someone who doesn’t use Reddit, I think it’s cool. (And if you think it’s not, feel free to make new memes)

I should but I feel like this will never end.

Ah yes, “innovation”…

Yeah, that’s why I think it could be nice to have mods in different tz, to be able to act as soon as possible.

Idk if have mods in multiple tz but if it’s not the case it could be nice to consider it.

cross-posted from: > [Olvid](, a secure messenger, is finally open-source! They said before the end of 2021, well it's really *just* before the end but it's there. > They released the source for their Android and their IOS app.

[Olvid](, a secure messenger, is finally open-source! They said before the end of 2021, well it's really *just* before the end but it's there. They released the source for their Android and their IOS app.

Is there a transport assistant website?
On my phone I use [transportr]( but I'd like to be able to have a website that does the same thing to be able to check transport schedules without ads or any tracking bullshit on a computer. so is there a transport assistant website?

[SOLVED]Tmux always starts with sh
I want to use zsh but everytime I launch tmux it starts with sh so I need to type `zsh` to have the right shell. Is there something to do in the configuration of tmux about that? EDIT: Well, it was only a bug in my tmux sessions

What is a good start to learn Russian?
I really want to learn Russian but I'm not really sure how to start. Should I start by learning to read Cyrillic alphabet? or something else? (Bonus points if you have some free resources since I'm a broke student lol)

New community - Tattoos
Hello, there! Here is a new community to talk about everything related to tattoos. So feel free to share pictures of your tattoos, ask questions, etc... [!](

How can I find all the website accounts that are associated with my email address?
I recently wanted to delete one of my account on a website. And it turned out that it was associated to my gmail account (which I don't use anymore). Is there a way to find all the website accounts that are associated with this mail address? (So I can delete my google account after that). p.s.: I've already tried this [solution]( but it's surely not everything that I've had connected with my account

Is there a good alternative to imgur ?
I don't really like imgur but it's cool to upload your picture just at one place so I'm wondering if there's any nice replacement to it.

NASA captures FIRST SOUNDS on the surface of Mars
Here we are. We can hear the wind of another planet. This is so exciting!

I just created [!]( Feel free to share anything related to 3D there!

How to make people who are not tech-savvy understand the importance of data privacy?
I try to make my relatives understand that this is something important, to put forward rational arguments, but they refuse me, saying that it would only complicate their lives, so it's useless. I'm seen as the paranoid of the gang. So how would you convince your friends?