In the age of remote learning/teaching I started using Edge to draw in .pdfs I’m showing to my students and it really fits my basic need, but something more focused on the task and in spirit of FLOSS would great. What’s most important to me is ability to draw and easily erase what I drawn; handy page switching. More would be nice of course.

I couldn’t find anything like that, and software like Krita or GIMP doesn’t work well for my needs, that’s why I’m using Edge.

If you know anything like that please tell! ^^

  • dandelion
    3 years ago

    I think I read that ext4 is more stable than btrfs especially with power failures. If you like to play with btrfs though you could try Garuda Linux, which is Arch + btrfs and comes default with roll back options from Grub menu. Looks very slick, it (I tried their KDE and a few other flavors) was not so stable on my hardware but has some nice options like Libredragon by default with local Whoogle and Searx pre defined.