• @esi@lemmy.ml
    3 years ago

    Well I am referring to the social ecosystem of Linux rather than its code. How the social ecosystem will respond to this can obviously affect code if that’s the thing you are mostly focusing on. I mean for example if shitload of assholes inside the community harass a trans person for being trans then there’s a good chance that person will say “fuck it” and leave. Which would potentially negatively impact the projects said person was involved in.

    If we manage to get over this threshold as a community then that can lead to great things. Just like with anything else you don’t really want to put the eggs in one basket. The more diverse the underlying community is, the stronger it becomes, and in my opinion, will increase code and communication quality greatly. I guess there’s a similarity between this and decentralization in software like Lemmy. ;)

    If you want some more “direct connection” to code quality, then I could imagine that being stuck “in the closet” can really fuck up your mental health, which could result in bad code. so finally going through that step could potentially result in a lot better code quality.

    But I guess what I really want to say is the following: Linux is more than just code

    • @TheConquestOfBed@lemmy.ml
      113 years ago

      Wait, you mean that programming includes governance affected by the biases and culture of its developers? And that these differences aren’t readily apparent to people who personify the dominant ideology of the tech industry???