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On november 18th, 2021 a post was made to Reddit on a Linux subreddit. The post read, “You get to remove one distro from the face of the earth, as if it had never been created. All distro’s based on it will also be removed. What do you choose to get rid of?”. This post was made by me. I am going to go over the most common answers, and what reasons were given.
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It seems a little silly to see Arch on the list, Arch contributed quite a lot to overall Linux community more than people realized, one of those is Arch Wiki, so deleting Arch would also means deleting Arch Wiki if Arch was “never created.” Also Arch Linux help improve stability of software by having Arch Users test/report/bug fix the software upstream long before that software land on mainstream distros. One of the thing I remember was when one day, Plasma Desktop broke the setting menu, I reported it upstream and it was fixed within 8 hours and Arch would update the package within 2 hours after that, that is pretty robust as far as bug fixing and software testing goes.

Naturally I use Arch, mostly because it doesn’t try to hide header files and actually bundle it together with the package you are installing, when I used Ubuntu, it wasn’t uncommon that the packager forgot to create *-dev version of such package.

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Yeah I don’t even use Arch, but their Wiki has helped me out on a few occasions. It’s a respectable distro, and the documentation is one important part of it.

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The little elitist kiddos that populate the arch user circles we could do without obviously, but the package manager is pertty sweet, the setup process teaches a lot if you’re new, and the WIKI is such a staple no matter where you’re coming from in the linux community. dosen’t deserve a spot on that list.

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