Mastodon's Founder Says Trump's New Social Network Is Just Mastodon
'Truth Social', which will launch officially later in the year, is seemingly using Mastodon's codebase without credit.
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Does this really need explaining? You think a million disinformation zombies would be a good thing?

I guess you weren’t aware that Gab is a fork of Mastodon and was originally part of the fediverse until they were essentially locked out due to their crap?

You must be American, if you believe that conservatism vs liberalism is the same thing as hateful racist trolling dickhead vs. people who don’t want that in their lives.

The rest of the world (mostly) doesn’t live by this constant “red vs. blue” anger fest.
12 urte
  1. yes i know that gab was a fork of mastadon that turn off federation
  2. i am european norway
  3. if you dosent want “hateful racist trolling dickhead” you can just block the instance.
  4. Yes i thing “You think a million disinformation zombies would be a good thing?” more users = more support for fediverse more apps etc. i dosent see it as a negative thing if the fediverse dosnt get any users(this is a great time for that, if TRUTH social adds fediration in it server) than i think the activatpub is just gonna be for some geeks.
1urte bat

2 - Thanks for the clarification, I stand corrected!

One doesn’t need millions of users to have a healthy community, and if communities are built around being divisive hate machines, there’s no need to welcome them, they can stand alone as their own ignorant islands. You can’t force integration between sane society and the intolerant. The hateful intolerant have to be moderated and told to go piss up a tree.

Gab only turned off federation after it was clear they weren’t welcome anywhere.

I don’t disagree that growth of the fediverse would be a good thing, but not in an unmoderated fashion. The example growth you give is a great example of the wrong way to get growth - nobody’s trying to re-create Twitter. The style? Sure. The content? Nope.

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