I noticed that many Linux communities have a rather tough culture on their forums and community channels. Was wondering which Linux community does a better job on keeping a nice and friendly attitude.

urte bat

Yea, sometimes technical people aren’t great people-people. Ubuntu forums are pretty relaxed.

Arch has a great wiki, but it looks like you are expected to read and research yourself and only ask if you get stuck, just asking for hand-holding probably wont get far there (and maybe that’s fair enough).

8urte bat

Yeah, that’s kind of the thing. The more expert-focused / niche the distro is, the less hand-holding you can expect.

But if you do show that you’re not just being a dumbass and have put in some effort, then you’ll usually find a number of those experts (and potentially even distro maintainers) willing to help you, which can resolve pretty much any issue you could imagine.

And them using their expert time to walk you through hell and back is extremely nice, too. But whether you get to experience that niceness depends on your own level of expertise, because they do not have infinite time.

4urte bat

You articulated this really well!

I suppose they get jaded by the unending stream of lazy people who cant lift a finger to help themselves - but yes If you show that you are interested in learning (so that you come back less in future) they often help

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