Need reccomendations for distro. Old laptop from like '10 (shipped with windows 8, not even 8.1), touchscreen needed so no Mint unfortunately. No linux experience whatsoever beyond using tails and I know what the terminal is but have NO clue how to use it.

Need a daily driver for light tasks (just gimp, handbrake, internet, qbittorrent, and libreoffice type stuff, no games), would prefer security and privacy, but idk if Whonix can run on my old machine and with my nonexistent linux exp idk if it is a good one for me yet, may need exp with something else first? Idk, y’all tell me!

Was reccomended Fedora, has touch support and supposedly good for the light tasks and will run in my old laptop, but figured I’d ask what y’all think because you guys seem knowledgeable.

It is my only computer besides my phone so I can’t afford the time to fuck around lol.

    12 years ago

    4gb ram probably isn’t enough for virtualization, but with those specs you should be fine with Fedora and Gnome desktop.

    Fedora you can do all the basics without command line and it should be fairly intuitive. You will want to learn command line eventually - it makes certain tasks much easier and faster

    • ArcaneslimeOP
      22 years ago

      Awesome thanks! Yeah I definitely want to learn to use the CLI (did I use that right? Lol) it seems very handy after you know what you’re doing! The only time I have used it as of yet was to give myself admin permissions to change my password on tails lol.