• krolden
    22 years ago

    I never advocated against asking for help, I’m just saying the majority of people who have asked for my help in the past completely ignored the documentation.

    I dont know how you brought learning disabilities into this. Its not like they would have an easier time following directions if someone is telling them what to do vs a prewritten guide with the exact same steps.

    • Gaywallet (they/it)
      2 years ago

      Thank you for the clarification, it was hard to understand when all I had to go on was ‘most people dont do it because they dont care’.

      Depends on the learning disability, really. For your example, some people may learn or understand knowledge much better when it is visual instead of auditory or vice versa. I brought it up learning disabilities because some people struggle with written material but can learn in other ways and I thought you were making statements about ‘most people’ in the world.