EDIT: found one - Goodtime (thanks user)

Forest is an Android and iOS app (and web addon) that lets you track the amount of time you have spent studying.

I just it to track how much time I’ve spent studying from month-to-month and from subject-to-subject (through using tags). I don’t know that there is an open-source alternative but if there is, that would be amazing. I am about to be finished with college for the summer and so will have time to potentially develop an app if there isn’t already one.



  • timer option
  • countdown option
  • tags (for specific subjects or activities)
  • statistics page with weekly, monthly, and annual views

Nice Features to Have:

  • study together option
  • number of people currently studying
  • @iortega
    22 years ago

    I think I don’t get it because I basically don’t use my phone, but is this app’s aim to ensure you don’t end up leaving this app for some big corporate addictive mainstream app?

    • Nathan John CooperOP
      2 years ago

      Partially. But most people, myself included, use it to track the ratio and statistics of their studying. For example, I like to check the stats page to ensure I’m not spending too much time studying one thing and not enough time studying another. Additionally, I like to make sure I’m studying a consistent amount from one month/week/year to another so I can ensure I’m not dropping off.